Blue River Rosin Sauce PAX Pods are considered the gold standard of solvent-less cannabis oils for vaping and deliver the best-in-class farm to table experiences!

Blue River Rosin Sauce PAX Pods are made by mechanical extraction from whole plant cannabis and full spectrum rosin sauce without the use of ANY chemicals, solvents, or non-cannabis additives of any kind! If you love that bold cannabis full flavor taste and full spectrum experience with complete control of dosing then these POD’s for the Pax ERA is the perfect solution.

  • PAX Era Compatibility

  • Strain Specific

  • 100% Cannabis Derived

  • True Full Spectrum Extract

  • World’s Highest Terpene POD

  • True Cannabis Experience

  • Mechanically Extracted

  • Ultra Refined

  • Lab Tested

  • Pesticide Free

  • Chemical Free

  • No Additives

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