Blue River™ 510 AVD cartridges are made from glass, advanced ceramic cores, ceramic tips, lead-free parts, and magnetically attach to a custom Blue River™ AVD Smart Pulse battery designed specifically for Blue River™ Rosin Sauce, Au Jus Sauce, Jelly Sauce, Hybrid Oils. The Blue River™ AVD 510 platform delivers the best-in-class farm to table cannabis vaping experiences!

Why AVD?

The majority of the batteries on the market are set between 3.0 - 3.4v in order to directly heat the carts core very quickly in order to move thicker oils like terpene infused distillates and HTFSE based oils thru the core of the cart. The Blue River™ x AVD platform is designed to use a non-direct magnetic connection to the heating source with a switch for dual settings that pulse between a range of 1.8 - 2.4v or 1.8-3.0v so you never burn the oil while producing smooth, clean, flavorful, endless clouds.

  • 510 Compatible

  • Strain Specific

  • 100% Cannabis Derived

  • True Full Spectrum Extract

  • True Cannabis Experience

  • Mechanically Extracted

  • Ultra Refined

  • Lab Tested

  • Pesticide Free

  • Chemical Free

  • Lead Free

  • No Additives

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